Abril 4, 2014


Female Shamanism - Tohoku (JAPAN)

Female Shamanism used to be a large phenomenon within Japan; today it is limited to the region of Tohoku. In this region there is still a great folk tradition where the more esoteric sides of Eastern religion are still practiced today. These female shamans photographed are celebrating death. They mourn the dead, perform rituals to evoke the spirits of the deceased, and then perform ritualistic dances all night. These women are exuberant and in celebration, of not life but death.

photography by Masatoshi Naito

Febrero 22, 2014

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Noviembre 30, 2013

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Noviembre 16, 2013


Brilliant Thought-Provoking Satirical Illustrations by Pawel Kuczynski

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Agosto 27, 2013


A Dream of 28 Million Cats…

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Agosto 26, 2013

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Junio 29, 2013

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Junio 23, 2013

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Septiembre 30, 2012

Sueños de astronaves


Sueños de astronaves

Agosto 13, 2012

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